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Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers, and Land Surveyors

Wisconsin Administrative Code

Examining Board of Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers, and Land Surveyors

Chapter A-E 1 - Authority
Chapter A-E 2 - General requirements and procedures
Chapter A-E 3 - Architect registration
Chapter A-E 4 - Professional engineer registration
Chapter A-E 5 - Designer permit
Chapter A-E 6 - Professional land surveyor licensure
Chapter A-E 7 - Minimum standards for property surveys
Chapter A-E 8 - Professional conduct
Chapter A-E 9 - Landscape architect registration
Chapter A-E 10 - Continuing education for professional land surveyors
Chapter A-E 11 - Continuing education for landscape architects
Chapter A-E 12 - Continuing education for architects
Chapter A-E 13 - Continuing education for professional engineers

Department of Safety and Professional Services - Administrative Procedures

Chapter SPS 1 - Procedures to review denial of an application
Chapter SPS 2 - Procedures for pleadings and hearings
Chapter SPS 3 - Administrative injunctions
Chapter SPS 4 - Department application procedures and application fee policies
Chapter SPS 6 - Summary suspensions
Chapter SPS 7 - Professional assistance procedure
Chapter SPS 8 - Administrative warnings
Chapter SPS 9 - Denial of renewal application because applicant is liable for delinquent taxes

Wisconsin Statutes

Chapter 15 - Structure of the executive branch
Chapter 440 - Department of safety and professional services
Chapter 443 - Examining board of architects, landscape architects, professional engineers, designers, and professional land surveyors

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