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Dentistry Examining Board-Roster

Board Member Office Board Member Type Term Expiration
Braden, Mark T. Chairperson Dentist Member 7/1/2018
Beres, Debra J. Vice Chairperson Dental Hygienist Member 7/1/2020
Pietz, Wendy M. Secretary Dentist Member 7/1/2021
Bistan, Matthew R.
Dentist Member
Donohoo, Eileen N/A  Dental Hygienist Member 7/1/2018
Huck, Leonardo N/A Dentist Member 7/1/2021
Knoell, Lyndsay N.N/ADentist Member7/1/2018
Stempski, Carrie G. N/A  Dental Hygienist Member 7/1/2018
Welter, Beth R. N/A Dentist Member 7/1/2018
Myers, Dennis N/A  Public Member 7/1/2020
Vacant N/A Public Member N/A 
 * Board members whose terms have expired may continue to serve until their successor is confirmed by the Senate.


Last Updated: 8/9/2017