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Pharmacy Examining Board-Roster

Board Member Office Board Member Type Term Expiration
Schumacher, Thaddeus J. Chairperson Pharmacist Member 7/1/2019
Trapskin, Philip J.
Vice Chairperson
Pharmacist Member7/1/2021
LaDien, Franklin (Rocky) SecretaryPharmacist Member 7/1/2020
Degner, Grace D.
N/APublic Member
Maves, Terry K. N/A Pharmacist Member 7/1/2018
Sullivan, Kristi N/A Public Member 7/1/2020
Winters, Cathy J. N/A Pharmacist Member 7/1/2021 

* Board members whose terms have expired may continue to serve until their successor is confirmed by the Senate.

Last Updated 9/28/2017