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Social Worker - Credential Information 

  • You must receive a Bachelor's or Master's degree in social work from a program accredited by, or pre-accreditation program of, the Council on Social Work Education, or a Doctoral degree in social work.  (If you do not meet these requirements, see information pertaining to Social Worker Training Certificate as the Social Worker Training Certificate is an alternate way for applicants to satisfy the education requirement.)

  • Submit completed Application Form including all required documentation and fees.

  • An applicant for permanent credential may apply for a temporary credential at the same time (Note: Temporary credentials are not available for applicants applying via reciprocity).

    • The temporary credential may be issued to an individual who pays the required fee and meets all the qualifications for the permanent credential except for passing the required national examination.

    • The temporary credential expires upon notification of successful completion of the national examination or expiration of the 9-month period, whichever is earlier.

    • A temporary credential may be renewed one time for an additional 9-month period.

  • Pass required examinations.

    • Contact ASWB to register for the national exam at www.aswb.org/exam-candidates/exam-registration/. (Applicants have the option of taking the national exam prior to graduation.)  The examination for this level is called the ASWB Bachelors examination (formerly Basic Level exam).

  • Board reviews application and determines eligibility to sit for the national exam.

 Application Process