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Social Worker - Application Forms

Application for Licensure
Form # Title/Description
1992  Application For Social Worker All pages are required.
1978  Certificate of Professional Education This form must be sent to DSPS directly from your school.
2252 Convictions and Pending Charges
2829Malpractice Suits or Claims Form  (only needed if applicable)  
3071 Fax Payment Form
Application for Substance Abuse Specialty 
Form # Title/Description
2711  Application for Substance Abuse Specialty Authorization  
2712  Affidavit Regarding Supervised Experience for Substance Abuse Specialty Authorization 
2714  Substance Abuse Specialty Authorization Education and Training Form (for Master degree applicants)
2713  Substance Abuse Specialty Authorization Education and Training Form (for Bachelor degree applicants)

Other Information/Forms

Social Worker - Credential Information