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Building Materials / Product Approval

Building Materials Evaluation, under the product approval system as outlined in
SPS 361.50. Product approval is generally voluntary.  If a product meets the applicable codes and standards, then no further approval is necessary.  If an alternative method of compliance is desired, then a petition for variance for a specific project or a product approval for various projects are options. If a national evaluation service such as ICC-ES has approved a product under a code or standard that we have adopted without relevant Wisconsin amendment, then we will generally accept that approval in lieu of a Wisconsin approval.

Wisconsin product approvals are typically valid for five years unless there is a relevant code change.  During the approval period, the product approval may be included with individual project submittals and used for the term of the project approval, which may extend past the product approval term. Product approvals are listed on this website for the term of their approval.  Contact our agency if a copy of an expired approval is needed.

Alphabetical listing of manufacturers of approved building materials. 

Categorized building materials evaluation letters as
PDF files (under construction).

SPS 361.51.

** SBD-8028 Wisconsin Buildings Product Review Application (R11/14) PDF file

Manufactured Perimeter Control and Slope Interruption Departmental Approval Process -
PDF File