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Private Onsite Water Treatment Systems (POWTS) Plan Review

The Division of Industry Services provides required plan review for new system installations and/or replacements or additions to existing POWTS treatment, holding, or dispersal component. 

Products Evaluations Database (by Manufacturer)
Products Evaluations Database (by Product Description)

Where to Submit Plans:

Delegated Plan Review Agents (PDF)

Plan which can only be submitted to Industry Services are:
- POWTS owned by the state; facilities owned by the state and served by POWTS;
- POWTS that will not completely utilize a component manual or approved plumbing products; designs which do not utilize an approved component manual (called "Individual Site Designs"), and experiments.

Plans which can be submitted to Industry Services or a designated agent are:
- POWTS that completely designed according to a component manual or are approved plumbing products. (Designs which do not utilize an approved component manual are called "Individual Site Designs.)
- Holding tanks that have a product approval and comply with a component manual.

Plan submissions which should go to the local governmental unit:
- POWTS that serve a single one- or two-family dwelling utilizing an approved component manual and gravity distribution to an in-ground distribution cell.

Is inspection involved? Counties have the primary responsibility to inspect POWTS, with the exception of state-owned projects.

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