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Social Worker Licensed Clinical - License Information

 1) Complete education in an approved school.

Received a master's degree in social work from a program accredited by, or a pre accreditation program of, the Council on Social Work Education or a doctoral degree in social work and, either as part of the Master's or Doctorate degree program or in post- graduate studies, had a clinical social work concentration and completed supervised clinical field training.

 2) Complete 3,000 hours of supervised practice.

Upon completion of education and after receiving certification as an advanced practice social worker or as an independent social worker, engage in at least 3,000 hours of supervised clinical social work practice, including at least 1,000 hours of face-to-face client contact and including DSM diagnosis and treatment of individuals.

Any portion of the 3,000 hours of supervised clinical social work practice requirement obtained in another state may be accepted provided those hours are completed under the supervision of a supervisor acceptable to the Social Worker Section.

Clinical social work practice must be completed under the supervision of a supervisor approved by the Social Worker Section.

 3) Complete and submit the application form, including all required documentation and fee.

         An applicant for permanent certification may apply for a temporary certificate at the same time.

The temporary certificate may be  issued to an individual who pays the required fee and meets all the qualifications for the permanent certificate except for passing the required national examination. The temporary credential expires upon notification of successful completion of the national examination or expiration of the 9 month period, whichever is earlier.

 4) Pass required examinations.

 5) Board reviews application and determines eligibility to sit for the national ASWB exam.

     The exam for this level is called the ASWB Clinical Examination.

     An applicant who is a Board Certified Diplomate (BCD) of the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work,

     need not take the exam, but the applicant will need to have the Board submit written verification directly to the Social Worker Section.

6) Contact ASWB to register for the national exam.

7) Substance Abuse Specialty Authorization.

Substance Abuse Specialty Authorization Forms 

Department Approved Pre-Certification Programs for Substance Abuse Education Additional programs will be added as programs are submitted and approved.  If you completed one of the approved programs, you may submit an official transcript in lieu of the Education and Training forms.

Application Process