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Substance Abuse Counselor - Pre-Credential Education

  Substance Abuse Counselor In-Training

100 hours of specialized education in the transdisciplinary foundations of understanding addiction, treatment knowledge, application to practice, professional readiness, and disabilities. See SPS 166.02 

The training hours shall be in seminars, courses or other presentations that meet the criteria for approved precertification programs for substance abuse counselors (360 hour programs) or continuing education programs.

Substance Abuse Counselors

Attendance and completion of 360 hours of approved specialized education in substance use disorder counseling within a comprehensive program or a degree program approved by the department in a field with an addiction emphasis or concentration. See SPS 166.03

Department approved pre-certification programs for substance abuse counselors (SAC Programs). Additional programs will be added as programs apply and are approved. (Click here for a list of formerly-approved programs.)

Educators : To apply for approval of a 360 hour comprehensive program , see application procedure [ Instructions - Application ]

Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor

In addition to the above, graduation from an accredited school with an associate's bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree in a field of behavioral science.

Foreign Credential Evaluation

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