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Marriage and Family Therapist - Continuing Education 

NOTE: The rules regarding continuing education will be changing effective at the start of the next biennium (3/1/2015). These rule changes will not affect the upcoming renewal. A link to the rule text will be posted here when it is available.

Continuing education is not required to renew your license the first time.  See 19.01 (3)


Marriage and family therapists are required to successfully complete 30 hours of continuing education courses in the first full biennium after they are licensed.  The biennium begins on 3/1/ of each odd-numbered year and ends on 2/28/odd.  

A minimum of 15 credit hours must be obtained through AAMFT, WAMFT, COAMFTE or relevant programs offered by an accredited college or university.  [s. MPSW 19.02 (1) – (4)]  Four of those 15 credit hours must be in marriage and family therapy ethics and professional boundaries. 

The remainder of the 30 credit hours may be obtained through the APA Committee for the Approval of Continuing Education, Category I – AMA or AOA, through programs recognized by the Social Work Section under s. MPSW 8.03 (1m) or through programs recognized by the Professional Counselor Section under s. MPSW 14.04 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. 

Additional credits may be given for other activities including, but not limited to, teaching academic courses, publishing professional books, and presenting at national conferences, all of which may require substantial preparation and/or research related to the knowledge and practice of marriage and family therapy.

See Administrative Code Chapter MPSW 19 for more details on the CE requirements.

The Department does not pre-approve continuing education programs. If the courses satisfy the requirements of Administrative Code Chapter MPSW 19, they will be accepted toward a marriage and family therapist’s CE renewal requirements. 


NOTE: Continuing education requirement does not apply to the biennium when license was first issued.

Biennium from 3/1/odd – 2/28/odd