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Professional Engineer - Continuing Education

30 hours of approved Professional Development Hours (PDHs) or equivalent continuing education units, pertinent to the practice of professional engineering.


IMPORTANT: In order to renew a license by the 7/31/2014 renewal deadline, all licensees must complete 30 PDHs between 8/1/2012-7/31/2014.


The required 30 PDHs must include a minimum of two (2) PDHs in the area of professional conduct and ethics.


Registrants must obtain a minimum of 13 PDHs, per biennium, via courses where the registrant interacts in real time in a traditional classroom setting, computer conferencing or interactive video conference where participants are present in the same room or logged in at the same time and can communicate directly with each other and ask questions of the instructor.



Courses, providers, and activities do not need to be pre-approved to meet the continuing education requirements.  Also, the Professional Engineer Section does not pre-approve any courses, activities, or providers for continuing education. It is up to each licensee to become familiar with the rules and statutory requirements and to determine for themselves whether or not a particular course or activity meets those requirements.

The Professional Engineer Section has final discretion as to whether a course provider or activity meets the criteria. 


Per A-E  13.07(1), “a registrant shall maintain records of their continuing education units and PDHs earned for a minimum of the 3 most recent biennia on a form approved by the professional engineer section”.  Please click on the link below for a copy of the approved form. 

Engineer Continuing Education Tracking Sheet:
    PDF    Excel  

Attach a certificate of attendance or completion for each program listed on the Continuing Education Tracking Sheet.  Each certificate should include the course provider name, course title, date of completion, the number of PDHs, and the licensee's name.


Please Note:  Licensees are not required to submit the Continuing Education Tracking Form and copies of completion certificates for    license renewal; the Continuing Education Tracking Form and copies of completion certificates must be submitted if/when specifically requested by the Department or the Engineer Section. 


The Section strongly recommends that licensees maintain with their records, sufficient information to support their determination that courses, activities, or providers meet the rules and statutory requirements for continuing education.


NOTE: The continuing education requirements do not apply to the biennium in which a license is first issued.


See Administrative Code for more details.

The biennium will run from 8/1 to 7/31 of EVEN years.