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Complaints Against Professionals and Professional Businesses 

Division of Legal Services and Compliance

The Division of Legal Services and Compliance (DLSC) provides compliance services for the agency’s boards and direct-licensed professions.  DLSC is staffed with attorneys, investigators and other legal staff to address complaints promptly and appropriately.  If a complaint is made with sufficient evidentiary support to suggest that a credential holder is in violation of a relevant condition or rule related to their profession the Division may investigate and, if necessary, file a disciplinary action against the credential holder.  The purposes of discipline are to protect the public, rehabilitate the credential holder and to deter other credential holders.  Disciplinary action is then monitored for compliance by DLSC's Monitoring Unit.

The links below provide directions for making a complaint as well as a page that describes the Department’s case handling process.  If a complaint is opened for investigation the case may take in excess of a year to reach a conclusion.  This span of time is required to screen, investigate, and if appropriate, prosecute the approximately 2,500 complaints the department receives each year.

In some circumstances the Department may not have the authority or requisite legal basis to investigate a complaint.  Any complaint falling within the jurisdiction of another agency will be referred to that agency for further action.  Alternative options to filing a complaint are briefly described below.

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