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Veterinarian - License Information

1) Complete education at an approved school of veterinary medicine, up to final year.

2) Submit completed application to Department with required documentation and fee.

A veterinary postgraduate training permit may be issued to an applicant who is undertaking intern or resident training at a school of veterinary medicine in this state. 

  • Application for Temporary Consulting Permit for Veterinary Medicine
  • Application for Veterinary Faculty License

A veterinary faculty license may be issued to an applicant who is an employee of a school of veterinary medicine in this state, has received the degree of doctor of veterinary medicine from a veterinary college approved by the board or possesses substantially equivalent qualifications as determined by the board, has passed the Wisconsin statutes and rules examination, and has paid the license fee. A person holding a veterinary faculty license may practice veterinary medicine on privately owned animals only within the scope of the person's employment at the school.

3) Successfully completion of required examinations

4) Board review of application; determination to grant credential

In order to prescribe controlled substances, a veterinarian must obtain a DEA number. Information can be obtained by contacting the DEA.

Application Process