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Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor - Continuing Education

Clinical substance abuse counselors are required to successfully complete 40 hours of continuing education courses in the first full biennium after they are licensed.  

  • Biennium: 3/1/odd year - 2/28/odd year 

NOTE: Continuing education requirements do not apply to the biennium in which the license was first issued. See SPS 168.01

  • Example Situations for First Renewal
    • If the license is first issued on 3/30/2011 (during the biennium from 3/1/11 to 2/28/2013), then no continuing education is required for the 2/28/13 renewal.
    • If the license is first issued on 2/15/2011 (during the biennium from 3/1/09 to 2/28/11), then 30 hours of continuing education is required for the 2/28/13 renewal.

The department does not pre-approve continuing education programs. If the courses satisfy the requirements of administrative code SPS 166.09 and SPS 166.10, the department is able to accept them as part of a continuing education program.

The department is able to accept the following courses relevant to the professional practice of substance use disorder counseling, clinical supervision, and prevention work:

continuing education courses, undergraduate courses, and graduate-level courses

             ...if the above courses are presented by:

an accredited college or university; or a local or national professional substance use disorder association; or other professional mental health or medical health-related organizations.