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Plumbing Plan Review

The Division of Industry Services provides required plan review for a variety of plumbing systems and individual fixtures for public buildings. Tables 82.20-1 and -2 provide listings of those systems and fixtures.  An important criteria is that when 16 or more plumbing fixtures are being newly installed or affected by alterations and additions plumbing plan review is probably needed.
     - Any public building in which more than 16 fixtures are being installed or remodeled needs plan review.
     - There are individual fixtures that at times need plan review. 
     - A rental property that has three or more dwellings is subject to review.

The Division administers water and sewer service provided in a mobile home park. Pre-installation plan review of the water and sewer systems in the park is done as a plumbing system plan review.

Cross connection control devices have plan review? Review of ccc devices is required when the device is part of an overall plan review. Review of some individual devices is required in health care facilities. In other cases, registration of the devices is required. See SPS 382.20.

Plumbing Plan Review Checklist (pdf)
Industry Services Division Plumbing Agent Municipalities 

Is inspection involved? Inspections are performed by local plumbing inspectors.


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