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Auctioneer – Forms

Application for Registration
Form # Title/Description
2077 Application For Auctioneer Registration
2259 Advertising Requirements for Wisconsin Auctioneers and Auction Companies
2080 Consent to Examine and Audit Auctioneer Trust Account
2258 Questions and Answers Relating to the Regulation of Auctioneers and Auction Companies in Wisconsin
3045  Request to Retake Auctioneer Examination 
Application for Continuing Education (CE) Test-Out Examination
Form # Title/Description
2326 Application for Auctioneer Continuing Education Test-Out Examination
2325 Auctioneer Examination Application Instruction Packet for the Continuing Education Test-Out
2648 Wisconsin Auctioneer Continuing Education Requirements
Request For Approval of Continuing Education (CE) Courses
Form # Title/Description
2581 Request for Approval of Auctioneer Continuing Education Program or Courses for the 2007-2008 Binennium
Other Information/Forms
Form # Title/Description
1051 SSN Exempt Form
For applicants of initial license or renewal who do not have a Social Security Number.
Please mail original, notarized copy to: DSPS, Attn: Renewal Office, PO Box 8935, Madison, WI 53708-8935
1907 Disability Modification Request Form for Examinations
1988 Notices Department Information
2252Convictions and Pending Charges 
2349 Requests for Modification of Examinations For Persons With Disabilities
2350 Professional Verification of Request For Modification
2704 Report of Conviction
2825 Certification of Legal Status Addendum
2982 Application for Temporary Spousal Reciprocal License
2983 Health and Business Credentials
2984 Information for Completing the Temporary Spousal Reciprocal License Application
2996 Veteran Request Application Form
ICF Memo ICF Correspondence/Memorandum