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Real Estate Salesperson Apprentice - Pre-license Education

An applicant must be at least 18 years old, a resident of Wisconsin and hold a high school diploma OR pass a preliminary examination covering general knowledge which shall include a knowledge and ability to read and write the English language, a knowledge of arithmetic, and general knowledge of the terminology used in the real estate business and a thorough knowledge of the rules governing apprentices.

Hours : An apprentice shall spend a minimum of 20 hours work each week; the 20 hours to be spent in no less than 3 days each week, performing apprenticeship duties.

Further Education : A minimum of 6 hours of the 20-hour work week shall be spent pursuing a course of study of real estate laws, regulations and procedures. Enrollment in a real estate course at a school recognized by the department shall meet the requirement of a course of study for a maximum of 4 hours per week.