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Professional Counselor - Pre-Credential Education 


In accordance with section MPSW 14.01, the standards for what constitutes a master’s degree equivalency in Professional Counseling will increase on September 1, 2018.  Beginning on this date, students applying for licensure with the Professional Counselor Section will need to demonstrate on their official university transcript that they have completed at least 60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours of academic credit in a field closely related to professional counseling or rehabilitation counseling.  In addition, students will need to demonstrate completion of specific coursework as part of their academic program in Professional Counseling.

 In completing this pre-approval application, please note the Professional Counselor Section is requesting that programs be specific as possible in offering information for Section review.  In addition to the application form, there are two additional parts that shall be completed;

 1.      Alignment of Academic Program Courses with MPSW 14.01 Standards.  Part one is designed for a counseling program to provide an overview of how courses are properly aligned with MPSW 14.01 standards.

 2.      Descriptions of Required Coursework Outlined in MPSW 14.01.   Part two is designed for programs to provide specific information for each course and shall include course descriptions and student learning outcomes.  

Form 3165 Application For Pre-Approval As An Educational Program In Professional Counseling

Approved Educational Programs in Professional Counseling

According to the equivalency requirement criteria for a degree in Professional Counseling (pursuant to s. MPSW 14.01 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code), a program must have 42 semester hours or 63 quarter hours of academic credit in counseling related courses. These must include a minimum of one course of at least three (3) semester hours or four (4) quarter hours academic credit in: Counseling Theory, Supervised Counseling Practicum, and in six (6) of the other eight (8) content areas.

The following is a list of educational programs reviewed by the Professional Counselor Section of the Joint Board of Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Counseling, and Social Work. The Professional Counselor Section has determined that these programs meet the educational requirements needed for licensure. The Professional Counselor Section has approved these programs for applicants as long as the specific courses from each program that meet the core content areas are taken.

Applicants submitting degrees from the pre-approved program list must have completed all the content areas and have completed 42 credits of counseling related programs. Applicants who have graduated from programs that they started prior to the year of approval will have their degree reviewed against the requirements of equivalency. If the degree meets the content area requirements and the 42-credit minimum, the degree will be approved for licensure.

Note to Educators: If there are any changes to the curriculum, please notify the Professional Counselor Section (care of the Department) immediately so the Section may update the records of the pre-approved courses.

Approved Programs

60-Credit Approved Programs