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Substance Abuse Counselor in Training - Certification Information 

1) Complete education. Must have high school diploma, HSED or GED.

Substance abuse education must include at least 100 hours of specialized education in the performance domains of assessment, counseling, case management, education and professional responsibility and disabilities.
Substance Abuse Counselor-In-Training core curriculum.



Substance Abuse Assessment


Substance Abuse Counseling


Substance Abuse Case Management


Substance Abuse Education


Substance Abuse Professional Responsibility


Electives within the performance domains listed above




The training hours shall be in seminars, courses or other presentations that meet the criteria for pre-certification education programs for substance abuse counselors or continuing education programs. 

All of the content areas shall be infused with information and application to practice that is responsive to the characteristics of individual, group, family, and couple clients and significant others seeking substance use disorder treatment, including, but not limited to, age, gender, ability, disability, developmental level, sexual orientation, health status, ethnicity, culture, and social issues.

The total number of contact hours submitted must equal 100.  Submit  Education and Training (Form #2832) at the time of application along with proof of attendance,completion and course descriptions.

 2) Obtain current employment, a written offer of employment, or agreement authorizing volunteer hours at an agency providing Substance Abuse Disorder treatment. Obtain clinical supervisor's signature of confirming appropriateness of 100 hours of education received.

Must provide Employment Verification (Form #2770) from a qualified supervisor. After June 1, 2008, a credential holder acquiring supervised experience as a Substance Abuse Counselor-In-Training may not practice under the supervision of an individual holding a certificate as a Clinical Supervisor-In-Training.

A Substance Abuse Counselor-In-Training must receive two hours of clinical supervision for every 40 hours of work performed including face to face individual or group sessions.

 3) Complete and submit Application for Substance Abuse Counselor In Training including all required documentation and pay required fee.

 4) Successfully complete required examination.

 5) Department review of application; determination to grant credential.