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 Manufactured Homes Titling Program

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 title application forms

SBD-10687 Manufactured Home Title Application and Instructions

Use this form for most transactions, including transfers, requesting a replacement title, or adding a lien.

SBD-10688 Indemnity Statement

Include this form when you do not have a title or certificate of origin.

SBD-10693 Statement of Transfer of Manufactured Homes to an Heir, Surviving Spouse or Domestic Partner

Use this form for transfers at death where the total estate of the deceased is worth $50,000 or less.  You may also need,Transfer Affidavit (Wis. Courts form PR 1831).

SBD-10696 Statement of Manufactured Home Transfer 

Include this form for transfers when the seller does not have his/her title.
Warning: If seller cannot provide title, then verify with DSPS, prior to the sale the registered owner and that home is clear of liens.

SBD-10697 Statement of Intent

Include this form to correct an error in your application for title.

SBD-10698 Name Change/Correction Statement 

Use this form to change your name or the spelling of your name.

SBD-10699 Substantiation for Manufactured Homes Titling or Retitling by Repossession Security Agreement

This form may be used by secured parties previously listed on a title.

SBD-10702   Abandonment to Landlord 

This form may be used by a land owner to take or transfer ownership of an abandoned home on the land.

Manufactured Home/Owner Record Information

Click here to Search Manufactured Home Records.

Click here for Open Records Notice and Requests.

SBD-10773 Statement of Consent to Purchase, Under 18 Years Old 

Include this form for purchases by minor persons.

SBD-10883 Permission to Pick Up or Deliver Title 

Include this form to allow someone other than registered owner to receive a title.

SBD-10885 Acknowledgement of Manufactured Home Title Surrender   

Use this form to convert a home affixed to a foundation to real property.

Before you contact us, please take a minute to review what forms you will need in
Specific Manufactured Home Title Situations.

The WI Department of Transportation titles campers, trailers, and park models under 40 feet in length.
Department of Transportation: (608) 266-1466.

    Landlord/Tenant issues are handled by the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection.

Additional contacts for manufactured home topics: Click Here


Email: DspsSbManfHomes@wi.gov

Phone: (608) 266-2112 (option 3)

7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time, Monday thru Friday

By Mail: DSPS, P.O. Box 8935, Madison, WI 53708-8935

In Person: 1400 East Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53703