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Master Plumber - Examinations

This is a two part exam.  The exams are open book, and the passing score is 70%.  Additional exam information and dates can be found HERE.


The exam will cover information contained in the following:

Wis. Stats. § 145 

Wis. Admin. Code § SPS 305

Wis. Admin. Code § SPS 382-387

2002 NFPA 13D of the National Fire Protection Association


Copies of Wisconsin Administrative Codes may be printed HERE or obtained from Document Sales online at http://docsales.wi.gov/  or by calling 608-266-3358.  NFPA standards may be ordered from the National Fire Protection Association, 800-344-3555.  When there is a change to Wisconsin codes, exams will cover the new codes one month after the effective date.

You will need a working knowledge of the component manuals for the various POWTS.  You will need to bring these to the exam site.  These can be purchased through Document Sales.  The general product names are as follows:


Product Name
At-Grade Pressure Distribution Component Manual  
Holding Tank Component Manual  
Split Bed Recirculating Sand Filter System Component Manual  
Single Pass Sand Filter Component Manual 
Recirculating Sand Filter Component Manual 
Drip Line Effluent Dispersal Component Manual 
In-Ground Soil Absorption Component Manual 
Mound Component Manual   
Pressure Distribution Component Manual  


Additional training materials relating to this credential may be ordered through Document Sales.  They are intended to be training guides and may not match the current code.

Product Name
Plumbing - Drain & Vent System Design
Plumbing - Sizing the Water Supply System 
Plumbing - Wisconsin Water Treatment Handbook 
Wisconsin POWTS Inspector Handbook  
Soil & Site Evaluation Handbook  
Multi Purpose Piping Systems Design Manual