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Commercial Buildings - Code Archive 

The user of this web page is informed that by clicking on the links below, only past versions of the Wisconsin Commercial Building Code will be available to be viewed.  Some of these documents are complete sets of the Code, while some are just changes that went into effect at that time.  If you select a “partial” code, search back in time to the next full version of Code.
Fee Schedule 1977 June

Bldg June 2002-Comm61-65 (For use with the 2000 ICC Code)
Commercial Building Code Administration and Enforcement Comm Chapter 61
2000 IBC With WI Amendments Per Comm Chapter 62 - Table of Contents
     Chapters 1-6
     Chapters 7-9
     Chapters 10-15 
     Chapters 16-18
     Chapters 19-22
     Chapters 23-29
     Chapters 30-Index
     Appendix Comm 61-62
WI Enrolled Commercial Building Code Volume II 2002
2000 IECC with WI Amendments Per Comm Chapter 63 - Table of Contents
     Chapters 1-7
     Chapter 8-Index
2000 IMC with WI Amendments per Comm Chapter 64 - Table of Contents
     Chapters 1-6
     Chapters 7-Index
2000 IFGC With WI Amendments per Comm Chapter 65 - Table of Contents
     Subchapter I-Index
Bldg 1968 February
Bldg 1967 July
Bldg 1967 February
Bldg 1966 July
Bldg 1966 May
Bldg 1964 August
Bldg 1963 November
Bldg 1963 May
Bldg 1962 December
Bldg 1961 March
Bldg 1961 January
Bldg 1959 September
Bldg 1957 October
Bldg 1957 August
Bldg 1956 June
Bldg 1956 January02
Bldg 1956 January

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