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  List of Delegated Municipalities
SBD-10115-P  Building Plan Review and Inspection Under Wisconsin's Commercial Building and Heating Codes (Rev. 04/13)
SBD-10882 Carbon Monoxide Detector / Alarms in multi-unit residential brochure (R4/15)
SBD-10512 Lighting Compliance Forms (R03/13) 
  Minimum Carbon Monoxide Detector / Alarm Locations in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings, December 16, 2011.
SBD-10715  Information on state building plan review requirements before municipalities issue permits (for posted by municipalities)
Memo to HVAC Contractors regarding equipment installations (R9/14)
"Kitchen Hood installation and Replacement" PowerPoint presentation to Spring 2010 inspector updates sessions by Randy Dahmen, IS Commercial Buildings Plan Reviewer
 Wedding/Event Barn Information 
 International Building Code, 2011, SPS 361 Wisconsin insert pages (Updated to reflect 10/1/2015 changes to SPS 361.03(14)(a) 
  International Building Code, 2011, SPS 362 Wisconsin insert pages (Updated to reflect 9/1/2014 changes to SPS 362.0903)
  International Energy Conservation Code, 2011, SPS 363 Wisconsin insert pages (Updated to reflect 9/1/2014 changes)
  International Mechanical Code, 2011, Wisconsin SPS 364 insert pages (Updated to reflect 10/1/2015 changes)
  International Fuel Gas Code, 2011, Wisconsin SPS 365 insert pages (Updated to reflect 9/1/2014 changes)
  International Existing Building Code, 2011, Wisconsin SPS 366 insert pages (Updated to reflect 9/1/2014 changes)

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