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The ICC Web site has a number of electronic code services, some by subscription and some free, http://www.ecodes.biz/

Wisconsin Administrative Code Chaper SPS 316 -  Electrical

Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter SPS 305 - Licenses, Certifications and Registrations

Wisconsin State Statute Chapter 101

Information to Obtain Electrical Credentials

Check the Status of a Single Credential Holder

Inspection District Map

COMcheck Federal Department of Energy software approved in Wisconsin for demonstrating compliance with the interior & exterior general lighting requirements  COMcheck is used for commercial buildings or high-rise (>3 stories above grade) multi-family buildings. [Within COMcheck, a user is required to choose the code option of "2009 IECC" unless 2009 IECC section 501.2 is applied which would then allow the application of ASHRAE 90.1-2007, In this case, the option "90.1 (2007) Standard" must be used.]


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