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The Industry Services Division Fire Prevention Program provides services related to fire prevention, protection, fire department safety & health, NFIRS, and the administration of the two percent fire dues. Staff also provide assistance to fire chiefs and inspectors in Wisconsin in support of fire prevention inspections. See also Fire Protection Systems and Commercial Buildings Programs.

New Process for Ordering Your Fire Prevention Program Supplies

Hello Wisconsin Fire Chiefs and Firefighters,

The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services is excited to announce the implementation of our new and improved ordering process which will allow you to order ALL of your Fire Prevention Program Supplies at your convenience. 

Effective July 7, 2017, Fire Prevention Program Supplies will be available to order online at Document Sales & Distribution http://docsales.wi.gov/.  (This URL can also be found on our website under the Fire Prevention-Forms and Publications tab.)   You will no longer be able to order through the Department of Safety and Professional Services.  You will still be able to Download & Print copies from the DSPS website http://dsps.wi.gov/home  and some supplies may also still be provided by your Fire Coordinator (call ahead; they may not have any in stock). 

It is so very easy to set up an account on the Document Sales & Distribution website.  Start by clicking on the  Document Sales & Distribution URL http://docsales.wi.gov/ and then, by clicking on the “How to Order” tab, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to set up your login; submit an order; and provide payment information (if necessary). You will need to provide your FDID to verify eligibility for these supplies under the 2% Fire Dues Program. 

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this transition.  If you have any questions regarding Document Sales & Distribution, or need further assistance, please contact myself, Sarah Brown, Office Program Associate, sarah2.brown@wisconsin.gov  or (715) 634-4013.

You may also contact the Fire Prevention Coordinator in your area for assistance as follows:

District 1: Richard Sommerfeld, (715) 944-4114, richard.somerfeld@wisconsin.gov
District 2: Michael Fehrenbach, (608) 575-0179, mike.fehrenbach@wisconsin.gov 
District 3: Carl Frisque, (920) 366-2469, carl.frisque@wisconsin.gov
District 4: Sue Birren, (414) 416-3339, susan.birren@wisconsin.gov

Thank you,  

Sarah L. Brown 
Operations Program Associate, Fire Prevention Program

10541N Ranch Rd
Hayward, Wi 54843-6462

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The DSPS is committed to service excellence. 

Visit our short survey at:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/dspsiscustomersatisfactionfireprevention to evaluate your experience with the DSPS.

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Fire Prevention Program Supplies previously ordered using SBD-8009 are now available through DOA Document Sales.