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Fire Incident Reporting: SPS 314.01(11) requires reporting of all fires within 60 days of the incident through NFIRS. We urge each department to follow the requirement within NFPA 1: 1.11.3 to report every incident that is encountered, not just fire incidents to give a clear picture of what you do as a department, keep your account active, and assist with grant requirements. 


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NFIRS Participation in Wisconsin
To view a listing of Wisconsin fire departments with a month or more of missing reports within a given year, please click the year that you would like to review.
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NFIRS Training is currently not being scheduled. Additional training scheduling will be reviewed on an individual request basis.

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Export/Import Process - Vendor Software
NFIRS Overview If you are not utilizing the NFIRS data entry tool (software) or the new internet-based Data Entry Browser Interface (DEBI) system, you must complete the export process within your vendor software (Firehouse, Fire Programs, etc.) and then complete the Bulk Import process from the NFIRS website in order to complete your incident submission. If you are using a vendor software and not completing the Bulk Import Process your incidents are not reaching the state or national levels.  If you need additional assistance with the Bulk Import Process please contact
NFIRS mailbox.

Bulk Import Documentation:  
NFIRS Overview -
Bulk Import Utility

Vendor Software Export Documentation:  
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NFIRS Documentation: