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Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Program


The Industry Services Division sets standards for energy efficiency and heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. See the Commercial Building and One- and Two- Family Dwelling programs for enforcement, education and consultation details for those building types.

Rental Weatherization Energy Efficiency is a separate program. The division also maintains standards for energy efficiency of existing rental units. Certificates of compliance are issued by state-certified private inspectors.

Administrative Code and Statutes





 SPS 364.0403 What ventilation requirements are to be met for a boat or other 'off-highway' vehicle storage area? 

Answer:  The Department's code has provisions that apply when a use does not fit entirely within one of the listed occupancies in either the IBC or IMC.  The Department has specifically modified IMC 403.3 to address this.  Ventilation rates for occupancies not represented in SPS Table 364.0403 shall be determined by using the most similar occupancy in the table as based on SPS 364.0403(5)(a).   The storage of a boat is more similar to storage of a vehicle than it is to general warehouse storage.  Additionally, when one rule prescribes a general requirement and a different rule a more specific requirement on the same subject, the more specific rule shall govern per SPS 361.03(3)(c).  Either of the occupancy classifications listed in SPS Table 364.0403  and IMC 403.3 could potentially relate to the storage of boats, however enclosed parking structure is a more specific designation.  The guidelines present in both 364.0403(5)(a)2.d. and 361.03(3)(c) support requiring boat or other 'off-highway' vehicle storage to comply with the exhaust requirements of an enclosed parking garage.

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