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Division of Industry Services
Bureau of Field Services and Bureau of Technical Services 

General Contact Information:

(608) 266-2112
(877) 617-1565 

Post Office Mailing Address:
State of Wisconsin
Department of Safety and Professional Services
PO Box 7302
Madison, WI  53707-7302

Street Address:
Department of Safety and Professional Services
1400 East Washington Avenue,  Room 112
Madison, WI  53703

Inspectors Maps (by County)
Amusement Rides and Ski Lifts
Boilers and Pressure Vessels
Commercial Buildings
Elevators and Other Conveyances
Fire Department Safety and Health
Fire Prevention Coordinators
Gas Systems, and Anhydrous Ammonia Facilities
Mechanical Refrigeration
Mines and Explosives
Plumbing and Swimming Pools
Public Sector Safety
Private Onsite Wastewater
UDC Consultants

Tech E-Mail Boxes


The technical e-mail service is intended to provide a general code answer, or direct you to an appropriate code section, based on the question submitted.  Responses should not be construed as formal code interpretations, nor do they supersede any items contained in previously issued correspondence from the department.

The technical e-mailbox staff does not answer questions about projects where code officials are already involved.  Please send your question directly to the inspector or to the plan reviewer assigned to the project.

Preliminary Consultations

For more in depth analyses, the Gas System, Elevator (Conveyance) and Commercial Building programs offer preliminary design consultations between designers and plan reviewers.  The intent of the preliminary consultation is to resolve problems in code application that are identified by the designer, and to determine how the plan reviewer will respond to a questionable item that will be shown on the plans submitted for review.

You may contact one of our full service offices to arrange for a preliminary design consultation.

Division of Industry Services Office Locations

Email Technical Questions:
- Building and Plumbings Products: DspsSbProductTech@wi.gov
- Boilers and Pressure Vessels: DspsSbBoilertech@wi.gov
- Commercial Buildings, SPS 360-366: DspsSbBuildingTech@wi.gov
- Credentials (licenses, certifications, registrations): DspsSbCredentialing@wi.gov
- Electrical: DspsSbElectricTech@wi.gov
- Electronic Plan Submittal: DspsElectronicPlanSubmittalTech@wi.gov
- Elevators: DspsSbElevatorTech@wi.gov
- Fire Prevention:  DSPSSBFirePrevention@wisconsin.gov
- Fire Suppression/Fire Alarm Systems: DspsSbFireProTech@wi.gov
- Gas Systems: DspsSbBoilertech@wi.gov
- Manufactured / Mobile Homes: DspsSbManfHomes@wi.gov
- Materials Orders:  DspsSbMaterialOrders@wi.gov 
- Mines and Explosives:  DSPSMineSafety@wisconsin.gov
- One- and Two-Family Dwellings: DspsSbUdcTech@wi.gov
- Permits to Operate, Invoices: DspsSbInspectionSupport@wi.gov
- Plan review submittals, scheduling:   DspsSbPlanSchedule@wi.gov
- Plumbing, Cross Connection: DspsSbPlbgTech@wi.gov
- Product Evaluations (plumbing, POWTS): DspsSbProductTech@wi.gov
- Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment: DspsSbPowtsTech@wi.gov
- Public Sector Safety: DspsSbHealthAndSafetyTech@wi.gov
- Public Swimming Pools: DspsSbPoolTech@wi.gov
- Refrigeration Systems: DspsSbBoilertech@wi.gov
- Rental Weatherization: DspsSbRwpTech@wi.gov
- Welding (Structural): DspsSbBoilertech@wi.gov
- Wisconsin Fund: DSPSWiFundTech@wi.gov

Fax Technical Questions:
- Building Products Evaluation: 608-283-7407
- Commercial Buildings: 608-283-7402
- Credentialing: 608-267-0592
- Electrical: 608-283-7418
- Elevator: 608-283-7411
- Fire Protection: 608-283-7405
- Manufactured/Mobile Homes: 608-267-0592
- Plumbing: 608-283-7403
- Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment: 608-283-7404
- Public Sector Safety: 608-283-7419
- Public Swimming Pools: 608-283-7406
- Rental Weatherization: 608-267-9723
- Uniform Dwelling Code: 608-283-7409

Bureau of Field Services / Bureau of Technical Services Staff Listing
(by county)

Division of Industry Services Program Assignments‚Äč

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