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Act 211 Electronic Building Permit System

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Act 211 Permit Puller FAQ 

Act 211 requires the department to have a standard electronic building permit form available to municipalities by January 2, 2017.  This permit will contain spaces for contractor license numbers and the expiration dates of their licenses. It also requires municipalities or their agents to provide their permit forms electronically to the DSPS through our approved electronic system by January 2, 2018. These permits must be submitted to DSPS by the 15th of the first month after it is issued. If a municipality fails to submit the permit by the required time after the permit was issued, a refund of the amount paid for the building permit minus the state seal shall be given to the permit applicant.

To ensure compliance with Act 211, municipalities must contact DSPS UDC staff to obtain an access code and choose the method by which they will submit information to the DSPS.  All municipalities must begin supplying their new one- and two- family dwelling permit information to the DSPS by January 2, 2018.

An official representative of the municipality should initiate and authorize the creation of the municipality's access code and selection of the filing method.  A building inspector contracted with the municipality may establish a login access code with this system only upon completion and Act 211 Inspector-Muni Agreement between the inspector and the municipality.  Maintain a copy of the agreement for your records.  There is no need to submit the agreement to the department.


DSPS is offering three ways to electronically submit these permits:

1. Applicants file permits electronically to the municipality through the DSPS system, and the municipality reviews the permits online through our system. Permit information is automatically provided to the DSPS.

The Municipality Workspace link provides the municipal representative access to permit information submitted by builders of for new one- and two- family dwellings.  Municipality FAQ

2. A municipality may use the Excel template, provided by DSPS, to enter all permit information. The Excel template must be manually uploaded to the system each month and is available in the electronic system once this option has been selected.

3. Municipalities that incorporate their own computerized permit filing system (i.e. iworq, civicpermits, Meritage), may interface with the Department's Data connector software.  DSPS Building Permit System Application Programming Interface (API) v1.0

Municipal building permits for new one- and two- family dwellings that differ from the one on the DSPS website may not be utilized until approved by the department.

Permit Pullers

Permit puller must submit all required plans and data directly to the municipality per municipality’s instructions. The plans, data and permit must be reviewed, and the approved permit fee must be paid before the permit is considered an issued permit.

To file a building permit for a new one- and two- family dwelling, contact the municipality directly to determine how building permit applications should be filed.

To access the Electronic Building Permit System, please click here.

If you have questions on how to use the Electronic Building Permit System, please utilize the Requesting Electronic Building Permit FAQ.



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