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Chiropractor - Examinations

State Examination Requirements 

A. State Jurisprudence (JP) Written Examination 

Each applicant is required to pass an exam on state laws; please refer to the chiropractic administrative code, Chir 2.03, at http://legis.wisconsin.gov/rsb/code/Chir/Chir002.pdf.

Exam Date            Location                   Deadline

11/22/13                DSPS                      30 days prior
01/24/14                DSPS                      30 days prior
03/21/14                DSPS                      30 days prior
05/23/14                DSPS                      30 days prior
07/18/14                DSPS                      30 days prior
09/19/14                DSPS                      30 days prior
11/21/14                DSPS                      30 days prior

B. Practical Examination


All applicants must complete the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) examinations (Parts I, II, III and IV). For Wisconsin licensure, applicants must pass Parts I and II with a score of 375 or above, Part III with a score of 438 or above, and Part IV with a score of 475 or above. (Physiotherapy not required). For more information about the NBCE examinations, visit www.nbce.org

Testing Accommodations Forms
#1907 -  Disability Modification Request Form for Examinations
#2349 – Requests for Modification of Examinations for Persons With Disabilities
#2350 – Professional Verification of Request for Modifications