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Administrative Rule Information

Administrative Codes Changing

Administrative Codes formerly under the Department of Regulation and Licensing (RL) and the Department of Commerce (COMM) will now all use the SPS designation for the Department of Safety and Professional Services. For the former RL codes, the letters will change, but the numbers will remain the same. For example, RL 2 will become SPS 2. These changes are effective 12/1/11. For the former Comm codes, the letters will change and the numbers will be increased by 300. For example, Comm 5 will become SPS 305. These changes are effective 1/1/12.

Please note that there are many documents attached to this website and printed materials already in use bearing the old code numbers. These code numbers are being updated, but all updates will not be completed by the effective dates above.

View notices of time period for comments on the economic impact of proposed administrative rules.