Lean Government

​Guiding Principles

Executive Order #66 was signed into effect by Governor Walker in May of 2012, requiring 16 state cabinet agencies to implement a Lean Government Initiative. "In order to create jobs and promote economic growth, government must operate with business-like efficiency," Governor Walker stated, indicating that "state government should continuously improve its efforts to serve State residents and be a good steward of tax dollars."

The Wisconsin Lean Government Initiative is embodied at DSPS in our Continuous Improvement Program. This involves participation by all agency staff, project facilitation by trained Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belts, and program development by our Agency Lean Committee which is led by a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. The mission of the program is to train and support staff in implementing data-driven, Lean process improvements that result in the:

  1. Elimination of unnecessary steps in order to simplify business processes.
  2. Reduction of lead time (i.e. overall time spent in the process) in order to increase customer satisfaction.
  3. Elimination of avoidable costs in order to implement cost-effective processes.
  4. Reduction of staff hours spent on processes in order to improve efficiency.


DSPS primarily utilizes the DMAIC methodology in conducting Continuous Improvement or Lean Projects. This business-proven method is a part of the Six Sigma framework which ensures that the process in question is thoroughly examined at each of the 5 stages shown below. DMAIC.png

In 2017, the agency introduced the 5S methodology to all of its staff in order to increase productivity through the organization of personal, shared, and division workspaces.


DSPS reports its Lean Project progress to the Governor's Office semi-annually by means of the Department of Administration Lean Government Program database. The following chart details the annual savings realized by the agency through Lean Projects as reported in the last two years.

DSPS Lean Annual Report20152016​2017
Projects Completed3 Projects5 Projects​6 Projects​7 Projects
Process Steps Eliminated63 Steps24 Steps​30 Steps​22 Steps
Staff Hours Repurposed1,658 Hours448 Hours​514 Hours​8,744 Hours
Lead Time ReducedN/A4 Days​25 Days​38 Days
Cost Avoided$15,185$2,420​$2,493​$202,264