Application Process


Applicants, recruiters, institutions, and others involved in the placement of individuals who seek to be credentialed in the state of Wisconsin should understand that the credentialing process takes time and that credentialing is not guaranteed to any applicant.  Factors that determine the length of time it may take to process an application include the length of time the applicant had been in practice, the total number of jurisdictions in which the applicant has been credentialed, and the length of time it takes for supporting documents to be received in the Board office and reviewed.

The application consists of an all-inclusive packet with instructions and information on all applicable requirements.  We strive to process applications in a timely fashion.  We cannot issue a credential until all of the required documents have been received and reviewed in the Board office.  

It is the Department’s mission and legislative mandate to provide consumer protection for Wisconsin residents.  The Department and the Board have been asked to waive requirements to expedite the process, only to discover legitimate grounds to deny a credential.  This can present a serious problem for the applicant, recruiter, or institutions if the applicant relocated, purchased property, or made other commitments prior to the issuance of a Wisconsin credential.  We urge you not to make these moves until you know that your credential has been issued.  Please “plan ahead” as we cannot speed up the credentialing process or waive supporting documents even in emergency situations.

Average Processing Times

The overall timeframe for receiving your license/permit from start to finish can vary.  If practical, apply 8-12 weeks prior to when you need the license.  Peak workloads typically fall between the months of April through August and December through February.

NOTE: If an application has not had activity after 12 months, it may be withdrawn. If your application is withdrawn please contact the department to determine what procedure you will need to follow.  You may be required to resubmit the application, documentation and fees.

Step 1 - Receiving Application

Mail received in the Department is opened, sorted, and sent to the Fiscal Department for payment processing prior to being forwarded to license/permit specialists.  The date the payment is processed will count as the first Business day for processing times.

Step 2 - Data Entry

License/permit specialists review and enter the application materials into a database. Application data entry may take approximately up to three weeks after receipt during normal processing times, or up to six weeks during peak workloads.

An email notification is sent to the applicant with an application ID number and a link to view the application status online once the data entry is completed.

Step 3 - Application Status

When the email notification is received the applicant is to look-up their status on the website.  When checking status, pending requirements appear first in red and met requirements appear in green. Pending requirements must be satisfied for credential to be issued. Not all requirements will have comment.

Note: It may take up to one hour, after receipt of an email, before the application status may be viewed online.

Accurate and fully complete applications and supporting materials will help expedite processing.  Incomplete information or missing materials may cause delays.

Step 4 - Additional Documents

Incoming documents are matched to an applicant's file and checklists are updated and an email notification is sent to check the status online. Updates are not made to a file unless new documentation has been received.  Data entry for additional documents takes the same amount of time as Step 2 as everything is processed in date order.  This includes faxes, mail, emails or materials dropped off in person.

Note: It may take up to one hour, after receipt of an email, before the application status may be viewed online

Step 5 - Convictions/Malpractice Applicants

Applicants with convictions, malpractice, discipline, etc. (regardless of how long ago the event took place) may require the file to be forwarded to a paralegal and/or board liaison for further review. This may take up to six weeks or more during peak workloads.

Step 6 - Board Review​

If the board liaison reviews the file and determines the applicant needs to appear before the board, the application process may be extended an additional 1-3 months (depending on the board's meeting schedule).

Step 7 - Granting License

When all requirements are satisfactorily met, the application process is complete. An email notification is sent to the applicant noting the license/permit has been granted including instructions on how to print a copy of the license/permit online.  The DSPS will not mail a hard copy of the license

Note: It may take up to an hour, after receipt of an email, before the print option will be available on the Department's website.