Barbering Manager Continuing Education

March 2019 Renewal

Starting with the March 2019 renewal, barber licensees must complete 4 hours of continuing education in order to renew their active license.  For the 3/31/2019 renewal, the continuing education must be completed during the time period from 4/1/2017 to 3/31/2019.  

EXCEPTIONS:  If you are issued your license for the first time on or after 4/1/2017 (this does not include transitioning your previous barbering and cosmetology license to a barber only license), you are not required to complete any continuing education for the 3/31/2019 renewal.  A licensee who has completed 8 years of practice as a licensed barber, or as a licensed cosmetologist under chs. BC 1 to 11 – including combinations thereof – is not required to satisfy any continuing education requirements for a barber license.

Wis. Admin. Code § SPS 50.420 - SPS 50.424 outlines the continuing education requirements.

The four hours of Barber continuing education (CE) required for the 2017-2019 biennium must be in courses including any of the following content: 

  • Business management (including financial business planning), customer service, and computer courses which may be utilized in the Barber profession
  • Any topic covered in the Barbering Wis. Admin. Code § SPS 50
  • Any topic covering the principles and practices of Barbering as defined in Wisconsin Statute § 454.20 (2): “Barbering” means, for compensation, arranging, styling, dressing, shampooing, cleansing, curling, dyeing, tinting, coloring, bleaching, waving, cutting, shaving, trimming, relaxing, singeing, or performing similar work upon the hair of the head, neck, or face of any person by any means. “Barbering” does not include the removal of a person’s hair at the root or the application of temporary or permanent eyelash extensions to the eyelashes of a person.