Credentialing Process

Please Plan Ah​ead

To protect public safety, the Department must ensure all credentialing requirements are met before a credential is issued. The detailed process has many components and takes time. It will not be accelerated nor will requirements be waived for pending jobs or other applicant commitments. Peak application volume occurs April through August and December through February.
A credential cannot and will not be issued until the Department receives, reviews, and accepts all required application components. Processing times vary by profession, the completeness and accuracy of the application, and the timely submission of all supporting documentation.
Incomplete applications are considered “abandoned” one year from submission. Once an application is marked abandoned, you must resubmit your application, supporting documents, and associated fees.

TIP: Carefully read and follow all application and form instructions. Complete, legible applications are processed more efficiently than applications with missing components or errors. Incomplete documentation, including applications with missing or incorrect information, will cause processing delays.

​​​Step 1 (All Applicants) - Application Receipt​​

Once the Department receives applications, fees are processed. Applications are then sorted and forwarded to credentialing teams for database entry. ​

TIP: Submit your application once. Multiple submissions will cause duplicate charges and increase processing times.

​Step 2 (All Applicants) - Database Entry​

After fee processing, applicant information is entered into the credentialing database. An application identification number is assigned and a system-generated email notification is sent to the email address provided in the application. Your online requirement checklist is created and is viewable via the Application Status​ link located under the Self-Service tab on the DSPS homepage​. At this stage, applications have not yet been reviewed. Except for the application fee requirement, all other checklist requirements will reflect a status of “not met.” 

TIP: Check junk and spam folders for the email before contacting the Department.

Step 3 (All Applicants) - Application Review  ​

​Initial application review occurs after the application is entered into the database. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. During review, credentialing staff locate and evaluate all submitted applications materials and update your checklist. Once staff evaluate materials and determine that they are sufficient, those requirements are marked as “met.” Requirements will remain “not met” until staff evaluate and determine that application materials sufficiently meet requirements. Please note that review times vary by profession. 

Many applications require documentation from separate sources (e.g., transcripts from educational institutions). If any materials are received after the initial review of your application, your checklist will not be updated until staff evaluate your materials. You will receive an email any time your checklist is updated.

TIP: Review your checklist each time you receive an email to identify and submit missing items or needed corrections.

Step 4 (Some Applicants) - Adverse Actions or Other Reviews

​Applicants subject to past or current adverse actions (such as legal actions, malpractice claims, or discipline) will require legal review. Legal review occurs after all other application requirements are met. Legal reviews will extend processing times.​

It may become apparent that an application requires review based on method (i.e., reciprocity) or an application component (i.e., education, training supervisor). Determinations for such reviews are made on a case-by-case basis. If required for your application, staff will note it on your checklist. Similar to legal review, these reviews will also extend processing times. 

Rarely, following an adverse action or other review, an application file will be forwarded for board evaluation or an applicant may be asked to appear before a board. Should this occur, the applicant is notified.

Step 5 (Successful Applicants) - Credential Issued

Congratulations! If all require​ments​ are met, your application is approved and your credential is issued. The Department will send you an email announcing the credential has been granted. The email includes instructions on how to access and print a copy of the credential online. (Options are also available under the website Self-Service tab.) Note: If you would like a paper certificate, you must complete the Wall Certificate Order Form (#3082) and pay the required fee.