National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS)

Fire Incident Reporting

SPS 314.01(11) requires reporting of ALL FIRES within 60 days of th?e incident through NFIRS (FEMA). Fire departments shall follow the requirement within NFPA 1: and keep a record every fire and other emergency incident that is encountered. We urge each fire department to report ALL INCIDENTS to FEMA, not just fire incidents, to give a clear picture of what you do as a fire department, to keep your account active, and to assist with grant requirements.

SPS 314.01(13)(e) Availability of records. For at least 7 years, the records specified in par. (d) shall be maintained in written form or in another form capable of conversion into written form within a reasonable amount of time; and shall be made available to the Department and to the public, upon request to the fire department.

Section 19.32 (2) of the Statutes considers a record to be material containing written or electromagnetic information. The Department considers computer records to be equivalent to written reports.

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NFIRS Training

In person training is currently not being scheduled. Training via the internet can be provided contact us for more details.

For your awareness, education and dissemination, here are some eNFIRS training videos:

Wisconsin NFIRS Email Updates List

For news and alerts specifically geared towards users of the National Fire Incidents Reporting System, please subscribe to the Wisconsin NFIRS updates here.​

For a complete look at multi-year data trends reported to NFIRS by Wisconsin Fire Departments, click the link below.

2019-2021 Data Trend Report

If you are not utilizing the NFIRS data entry tool (software) or the new internet-based Data Entry Browser Interface (DEBI) system, you must complete the export process within your vendor software (Firehouse, Fire Programs, etc.) and then complete the Bulk Import process from the NFIRS website in order to complete your incident submission. If you are using a vendor software and not completing the Bulk Import Process your incidents are not reaching the state or national levels. If you need additional assistance with the Bulk Import Process please contact NFIRS via email.

Bulk Import Documentation

Vendor Software Export Documentation

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ImageTrend Software

ImageTrend is now available to the Wisconsin Fire Service at no direct charge to the individual fire department.​

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