Commercial Buildings

The Division of Industry Services (IS) provides required plan review for commercial, industrial, and other public buildings 25,000 cubic feet or larger. Also, review is needed for any size of school, high-hazard occupancy, and three-unit or larger residential building.


Revisions​​ to previously approved plans require submittal through the online portal, eSLA.

Structural Components

Structural Components require submittal through the online portal, eSLA.



Please consult the Plan Review Submittal Reminders for Bleachers document.

Preliminary Review

Requested through the online portal, eSLA.


HVAC Alteration with no Building Change

Requested through the online portal, eSLA.


Commercial Buildings General Lighting Plans and About Submittal of Emergency Lighting Plans


Are Inspections Involved?

Buildings may be inspected at various stages during construction. The inspections will be done by one of the division's Commercial Building Inspectors, except when the project is located in a delegated agent municipality, where a local inspector will provide the inspection services. Please see our list of Delegated Municipalities​. You also need local permits.

Plan Submittal Questions

Please email questions regarding plan submittal to​