Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Systems

​As of January 1, 2012, code change increases the fire protection systems which need plan review in Wisconsin. Previous to that date, fire protection systems which required plan review were identified as being in specific building types or occupancies which were named in Table 361.30-3 of the Wisconsin Commercial Building Code. As of January 1, Wisconsin has changed to review of most fire suppression and fire alarm system projects. Table 361.30-3 has been repealed.

The trigger date for fire protection system plan review was based on the overall building plan submittal. For example, if a Group B occupancy building was submitted for review prior to December 31, 2011, then the fire suppression and fire alarm components were not required to be submitted. If the same building was submitted on January 1, 2012, the fire suppression and fire alarm components were required to be submitted for plan review.

Delegated Agents

The following municipalities are delegated agents of DSPS to perform plan review and inspection of fire protection systems as prescribed under SPS 361.30(3): City of Appleton, City of Burlington, City of Madison, City of Milwaukee, City of Oak Creek, City of Verona, Village of Grafton and the Village of McFarland.

Is Inspection Involved?

Yes, inspection is done during construction by either DSPS inspectors or those of a fire protection system delegated municipality.

What is the Review Process?

The review process depends of the type of system being reviewed. There are very specific requirements depending on the type of system submitted. You can contact a plan reviewer (see just above) to discuss the specifics.

Plan Submittal Questions

Please email questions regarding plan submittal to