Plan Review Availability Calendar

The Division of Industry Services exclusively uses online scheduling for setting up plan reviews for commercial buildings and general plumbing projects.

Unscheduled plans dropped off at one of the division plan review offices will be scheduled with the next available reviewer.

Industry Services accepts email scheduling of pools, commercial building revisions, plumbing revisions and plumbing petitions, stand-alone HVAC or fire reviews via email at

Please see the Plan Submittal section on the Plan Review page to learn more about submitting plans.

You may also fax scheduling requests using the review application for pools, revised commercial buildings, plumbing revisions and plumbing petitions, stand-alone HVAC or fire reviews to  (877) 840-9172.

Scheduling a Priority Review

A person may request and make an appointment with the department to facilitate the examination of plans, or the review of a product or material for approval, on a priority basis.  The fee for examination or review on a priority basis shall be twice the normal rate, based on the appropriate rate specified in this chapter.  Scheduling on a priority basis shall be contingent upon the department having sufficient time and staff to accommodate the request. 

Permission to Start

A building owner may request and the department may grant permission to start construction for the footings and foundations upon submission of construction documents under s. SPS 361.31.

A building owner who has been granted permission to start construction of the footings and foundations may proceed at the owner's own risk without assurance that a conditional approval for the building will be granted.

The department shall review and make a determination on an application for permission to start construction of the footings and foundations within 3 business days of receipt of the application and all forms, fees, construction documents and information required to complete the review.

Plan Review Status (Enter designer customer ID to see status of scheduled plan review.)

Please see the Recent Announcements section below for information on improvements to the plan review scheduling and availability process.

Please note: The dates listed should be used as an estimate of plan review availability by program. Your actual scheduled plan review date will be communicated to you upon review of your plan/project specifics. Industry Services makes every attempt to schedule the review as close to the desired review date as possible. If the balance of workload between plan review offices or availability of plan reviewers does not allow scheduling in the location specifically requested, a reviewer in another office may be assigned. 

Availability Calendar 

The Availability Calendar pulls the next available review date with a 2-hour duration with the exception of Commercial Buildings with a 6-hour duration of time.  Plan reviews that have estimated hours of less time may be scheduled sooner.

Building submitters please note: Normally the same reviewer is assigned to subsequent components after the initial approval. The next available date in the table may not be applicable in these situations.

Private sewage submitters please note: Plans are not scheduled in advance of arrival. Plans are scheduled as they arrive in each office.

Recent Announcements

Dear Customers,

Based on feedback that we have received from our stakeholders and the increasing use of electronic plan review we are in the process of making some changes to our plan entry process. There will be two main phases to this change.


Above is the chart that you will see when you go to our website and look for a “next available date.”  Our philosophy going forward is to provide each submitter with the earliest available date.

A Couple Points of Interest

  • If you prefer to mail or hand deliver unscheduled plans to a DSPS office, plan entry staff will schedule a review for the first available date State wide and mail them to the assigned review office at no charge to you.  Scheduled plans sent to the wrong review office may be subject to a $30 shipping and handling fee. 
  • If you prefer to mail your own plans, you will be given the address of the office your plan was scheduled for.
  • Components will still be required to be matched up with building reviewer that conducted the original review.
  • If you do not want the next available date, but would prefer to schedule further out, that service is still in place.


We are working with our IT staff to make the necessary changes with the web scheduler.  We are keeping the old system live as changes are made to reflect this “next available date” strategy.  Please bear with us as we make these enhancements.

Our plan entry staff will always be available to help you with your scheduling needs. If you have questions, problems, or concerns please feel free to contact our staff at 608-266-2112, press 4 for Industry Services Plan Review, and 1 for scheduling.  Again, our staff is prepared to help you regardless of your location.

Thank you for your input, your ideas, and your support.

The Division of Industry Services