Chiropractic Technician Continuing Education

​​​NOTE: The Chiropractic Examining Board has extended the deadline for obtaining CE credits for the 2020 renewal until 12/14/2022. License holders will still have to renew their license normally but will have extra time to acquire the necessary hours. License holders will still have to obtain a unique 6 hours for the 2022 renewal; CE hours can only be applied to a single renewal period.

6 hours every biennium through the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association (WCA), the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), the International Chiropractic Association (ICA) or courses sponsored by an approved chiropractic college or college of medicine or osteopathy.  All courses must be pre-approved by the Board.

NOTE:  A Chiropractic Technician who receives an initial certificate during a licensing biennium is not required to complete the continuing education requirement from the date of that certificate to the end of that licensing biennium.

Biennium runs from 12/15/even – 12/14/even year.

See Administrative Code for more details. 

2016-2018 Approved CT Continuing Education Courses

2018-2020 Approved CT Continuing Educcation Courses

Chiropractic Technician Continuing Education Approval Form