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The Division of Industry Services (DIS) is divided into: two bureaus; an Administrative Services Section; and the Fire Prevention program.

The Bureau of Field Services performs inspections of commercial buildings, amusement rides, boilers, elevators, pressurized gas systems, and electrical systems. The bureau performs plan reviews of elevators, boilers, and private onsite wastewater treatment systems. The bureau is also responsible for auditing third-party and municipal inspection agencies.

The Bureau of Technical Services performs commercial building, plumbing, and fire suppression plan review. The bureau is responsible for administering the Uniform Dwelling Code program, the federal HUD Manufactured Housing program, and provides consultations and training to local building officials and commercial and residential contractors.

The Administrative Services Section provides administrative support to internal and external stakeholders.​

The Fire Prevention Program administers the 2% Fire Dues program and provides consultation, support, and training to over 800 fire departments throughout Wisconsin​.

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​​​Summer 2023 Webinar Agenda
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