Division of Industry Services Plan Review


Current Plan Submitt​al Volume 

​See the below plan revi​ew submission data to help estimate the timeline for your DSPS plan review. ​Data is updated monthly.


​1. Do I Need to Submit for a Plan Review?​

Plan review is required for commercial, industrial, and other public buildings 25,000 cubic feet or larger. Review is also needed for any size of school, high-hazard occupancy, and three-unit or larger residential building. ​Under Wisconsin Statute § 101.12, t​he following plan reviews are required for public buildings and places of improvement [Wis. Stat. §§101.12 and 145.03(5)]:

  1. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and fire detection, prevention or suppression systems.
  2. Industrial exhaust systems.
  3. Elevators, escalators, lifts, ​​and power dumbwaiters.
  4. Stadiums, grandstands, and bleachers.
  5. ​Amusement and thrill rides equipment.
  6. Plumbing installations.​

Wis. Stat. §​ 145.195(2)​ requires plan review of private on-site wastewater treatment systems​.

Additionally, one- and two-family permit applications shall include building plans for review, as described under Wis. Admin. Code § SPS 320.09(5).

2. Types of Plan Reviews

The Division of Industry Services (DIS) provides required plan review services for the following programs. The separate disciplines listed require separate plan application and review. Use the headings below to see which types of plan reviews are accepted for each ​discipline.

Amusement Rides​​
  • Amusement Rides Fixed
  • Amusement Rides Petition for Variance
  • Boiler and Unfired Pressure Vessels​
  • Heating Boiler
  • Miniature/Electric Boiler
  • Power Boiler
  • Unfired Pressure Vessel
  • Petition for Variance
  • Commercial Buildings​
  • Bleacher Only
  • Commercial Building and Bleacher
  • Commercial Building and HVAC
  • Commercial Building and HVAC and Kitchen Hood
  • Commercial Building and Kitchen Hood
  • Commercial Building Only
  • Fire Alarm Only
  • Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm
  • Fire Suppression Only
  • HVAC and Kitchen Hood
  • HVAC Only
  • Kitchen Hood Only
  • Pedestrian Access Structure Only
  • Waterslide-Structural
  • Preliminary Review
  • Petition for Variance
  • Electrical​
  • Permit and Plan Review
  • Plan Review Only
  • Petition for Variance
  • Elevators and Conveyances​
  • New Commercial Installation
  • Complete Replacement Commercial
  • Alteration, Repair, or Replacement Components
  • Emergency Repair
  • New Single Dwelling Installation
  • Complete Replacement Single Dwelling
  • Test Submission
  • Petition for Variance
  • Gas Systems​
  • Anhydrous Ammonia System (NH3)
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) System
  • Gaseous Hydrogen (H2) System
  • Liquid Hydrogen (H2) System
  • Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) System
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) System
  • Petition for Variance
  • Mechanical Refrigeration​
  • Mechanical Refrigeration Systems A1/B1
  • Mechanical Refrigeration Systems A2/B2/A3/B3
  • Petition for Variance
  • Plumbing​
  • Building and Site Specific
  • Building Specific Only
  • Campground and Recreational Vehicle Park
  • Manufactured Home Community
  • Site Specific Only
  • Car Wash Interceptor Only
  • Chemical System Only
  • Garage Catch Basin Only
  • Grease Interceptor Only
  • Mixed Wastewater Holding Device
  • Oil Interceptor Only
  • Sanitary Dump Station Only
  • Storm Infiltration System Only
  • Water Reuse System Only
  • Water Disinfection Treatment System Only
  • CCA Health Care Only
  • Petition for Variance
  • POWTS​
  • Component Design Manual
  • Experimental System
  • Individual Site Design
  • Soil Saturation Determination
  • Voluntary Manual Review
  • Miscellaneous Review
  • Consultation
  • Petition for Variance
  • Amusement Rides Petition for Variance
  • Public Swimming Pools​
  • Alternate
  • Experimental
  • Standard
  • Virginia​ Graeme Baker
  • Petition for Variance
  • Ski Lifts and Tows​
  • Ski Lifts and Tows
  • Petition for Variance

  • 3. Where Should I Submit my Plans?

    Plan reviews are performed by DIS or one of its delegated agents. Before submitting your plan review application to DIS, check if your municipality has been delegated the authority to review your plans.​ Use the links below or visit the Delegated Agent page.​

    Commercial Structural and HVAC Plan Review

    ​Commercial Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Plan Review​​

    Commercial Plumbing Plan Review​

    ​POWTS Plan Review​

    ​​UDC Permitting and Inspections​


    4. General Requirements for Electronic Plan Review

    Plan reviews to DIS must be submitted electronically through the Electronic Safety and Licensing Application (eSLA)​.​ DIS no longer accepts hard copy plan review submittals. Note the following requirements for eSLA:

    • The applicant must create an eSLA login profile. This login profile is specific to the individual submitting the application. It should not be a generic profile for the company. (UDC permits and plan reviews are not submitted using an eSLA login. See the UDC program page​ for more information.)
    • If a Supervising Professional is required, the Supervising Professional must also have an active eSLA login profile.
    • You must include the property owner's name, address, phone number, and email address.
    • eSLA works best with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari as the internet browser. If using another internet browser, you may experience technical issues with the submittal.
    • Be able to combine plan sheets into one file for upload​.
    • Be able to combine supporting documents into one file for upload.​

    5. Additional Resources

    ​For step-by-step instructions and videos on electronic submittals, see the eSLA Support page​.

    See the applicable DIS program page ​for plan review information specific to the program.