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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As of April 12, 2021, the Electronic Safety and Licensing Application (eSLA) is live for Commercial Buildings, Elevators, Gas Systems, Plumbing, POWTS​, and Swimming Pools. Customers must use eSLA to submit plan​ reviews/permits, as well as search the Public Lookup for these program areas.

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The Division of Industry Services provides plan review for commercial buildings and structures in the state, as well as flammable and combustible liquid storage tank systems to ensure compliance with Wisconsin laws and regulations.

Questions regarding the Plan Review submittals can be sent to 

After reviewing the plans, the examiner will take one of three actions: 

  • "Conditionally Approved" means that the plans substantially conform to the codes, with any exceptions noted in the approval letter. Approval expires one to three years after the date of approval, depending on the type of project. Local considerations and permits are usually relevant to any project, even if Industry Services is doing the plan review.
  • "Withheld for Additional Information" means that the plans or calculations are missing significant information or that there appears to be conflicts with the codes that are serious enough that changes to the plans and / or calculations must be submitted to Industry Services.  Any revised information submitted must be signed and sealed by a Wisconsin-registered professional, if required for the original submittal. 
  • "Denied" means that there are serious conflicts with the codes that require the submittal of new plans if the project is to proceed.

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Plan Types

The Division of Industry Services provides required plan review services for the following programs. By code, plan reviews must be completed within 15 business days of the plan appointment date and receipt of the application and all forms, fees, construction documents, and information required to complete the review.  The separate disciplines listed require separate plan application and review.

Commercial Buildings


Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Systems

Plumbing / Pools (Mobile Home Utilities)

Private Onsite Water Treatment Systems (POWTS)

Gas Systems

Submitting Plans

Information on Electronic Submission of plans and Delegated Agent Information can be found below.

Electronic Submission

​Gas Systems/Anhydrous, Plumbing, POWTS, Swimming Pools, ​Commercial Buildings, HVAC, FS/FA, and Elevators ​Online Plan Reviews Submitted via A

Electronic Plan Submittal at the Division of Industry Services

The Division of Industry Services (formerly Safety & Buildings) accepts plans electronically via the Electronic Safety and Licensing Application (eSLA). Navigate to eSLA to submit online plan reviews for ​Gas Systems/Anhydrous, Plumbing, POWTS, Swimming Pools, Commercial Buildings, and stand-alone HVAC, stand-alone FS/FA, and Elevators.​​