Trades Program Administrative Rules and Statutes

​A list of current statutes and rules pertaining to the trades program can be viewed by clicking on each of the categories below. For further information, please visits the DSPS Rulemaking Process page or the Legislative Reference Bureau website.

Archived trades program codes can be found on the Code Archives page.

Department of Safety and Professional Services

Safety, Buildings, and Environment

Wisconsin Administrative Code

Caution: Do not use the Southern Pine design values in the new UDC Appendix A for sizing joists and rafters. They do not reflect the reduced values in the National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Supplement. To obtain the correct values, see NDS Table 4A at Those values may be increased 15% for repetitive joist or rafter use (due to load sharing by 3 or more members spaced 24" o.c. or less) and an additional 15% for rafter use (due to snow load duration increase).

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