Public Comments

Economic Impact Comments

Economic Impact comments, including how this proposed rule may affect businesses, local governmental units, and individuals, are being solicited on rules listed below. Economic Impact comments may be submitted directly to DSPS at

DE 8 relating to records

MPSW 1.09 relating to substance use disorder specialty authorization

SPS 4 relating to predetermination of conviction record prior to submitting an application for licensure

Chir 1, 4, 10, and 11 relating to delegation of services to health care professionals

Chir 9 relating to chiropractic preceptorship

AT 2 relating to requirements for license renewal and reinstatement

RAD 1 and 4 relating to scope of practice

Public Hearing Comments

Public Hearing comments may be submitted directly to DSPS at

Public Hearing Notices are available on the Wisconsin Legislative website using the links below.

Public Comments for POWTS Component Manuals

The Division of Industry Services is accepting public comments for the following POWTS component manuals: 

ATL System Mound Component Manual 

ATL System In-Ground Component Manual

The deadline to submit comments is December 3, 2018.

Comments may be addressed to