Division of Industry Services Delegated Agents

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Division of Industry Services has the authority to delegate certain plan review, permitting, and inspection responsibilities to municipalities or other local government entities. The requesting agency must provide applicable information, as required below​ based on the type of delegation being requested.

Programs available for delegation include:

  • Commercial Structures and HVAC Plan Review
  • Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Plan Review
  • Commercial Structures, HVAC, Fire Suppression, and Fire Alarm Inspection
  • Commercial Electrical Permitting and Inspection
  • Commercial Plumbing Plan Review
  • One- and Two-Family Dwelling (UDC) Permitting and Inspection (includes camping units)
  • Private On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (POWTS) Plan Review
  • Conveyance Equipment Plan Review and Inspection​
  • Manufactured Home Community Permitting and Inspection

Is My Community Delegated?  See the side menu for lists of agencies​​ currently exercising delegation authority.
Department fee schedules for plan review and inspection services (for delegated and non-delegated communities) can be found under Wis. Admin. Code § SPS 302.

Questions? Email etta.strey@wisconsin.gov​

Requesting a Delegation

To be delegated one or more of the responsibilities listed above, complete the delegation application. The application provides instruction on how to complete your delegation request. This may include submitting a copy of your building ordinance, enforcement procedures, and/or credential numbers.

The Department will review the request and provide a formal response granting delega​tion approval or requesting more information. Note that the requesting agency is not permitted to perform the requested services until it receives the formal delegation approval letter from the Department.

Model Ordinances:  UDC only   or   All Programs 

Commercial Electrical Delegation Requests - This type of delegation requires the municipality to hold an Electrical Inspection Agency credential. If the municipality contracts with a separate inspection agency, that agency must also hold an Electrical Inspection Agency credential. Applications for this credential must be submitted online via LicensE. ​See the Applicant User Guide​ to get setup then use the Electrical Inspection Agency credential Instructions for a step-by-step guide to submitting the credential application.​

Active ​Delegated Agents

As a delegated agent of the Department, your agency agrees to uphold the requirements of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. This​ includes, but is not limited to, employing/contracting with appropriately certified individuals and/or agencies, and remitting fee reimbursements.

The Department will periodically monitor delegated agents and request activity reports to ensure that the delegated responsibilities are being properly fulfilled. Additionally, the Department is implementing a delegation renewal process and your agency may be requested to renew an existing dele​gation. Please continue to monitor Department correspondence as further details regarding this process are communicated.​

Welcome Packet
Welcome Packet for municipalities delegated under SPS § 361
Manufactured Home Community Delegations
​Webpage specific to requirements of health department delegated to perform permitting and inspections of manufactured home communities
Standard Paragraphs Commonly used building plan review and inspection standard paragraphs
Sample Buildings, HVAC, Fire Protection Application for Review
SBD-5823Sample Residential Building Permit Application
​​Electrical Inspection Agency Credential
​Renew your agency's Electrical Inspection Agency credential every 4 years
Fee Submissions
Delegated Municipality Fee Spreadsheet
​Delegated Municipality Fee Spreadsheet can be sent to: DSPSDIS​MuniFees@wisconsin.gov

Delegated Agent fee payments can be mailed to:

DSPS Fiscal
4822 Madison Yards Way
Madison, WI 53705

Reporting a Change to Your Enforcement Staff?

Need to notify DIS of a change in your enforcement staff, as required by your delegation? Renewing an existing delegation? ​Complete th​e appropriate page(s) of the delegation application​ or send an email to etta.strey@wisconsin.gov. ​​​​​

Act 270 Grandfathered​ Ordinances

2013 Act 270 establishes a uniform commercial building code in Wisconsin, while allowing municipalities to grandfather fire detection, prevention, and suppression ordinances that relate to the construction, alteration, or addition to a public building or building that is a place of employment. An ordinance that is grandfathered has passed the requirements laid out by the Legislature in Wisconsin Statute §101.02(7r)(b).