Intermediate Clinical Supervisor Continuing Education

The department does not pre-approve continuing education programs. The department will accept for continuing education credit, programs consisting of relevant subject matter taught by qualified presenters.

The department shall approve all of the following programs and courses if they meet the requirements of SPS 166.05 – 166.07:

  1. Undergraduate or graduate level courses or continuing education courses relevant to the professional practice of substance use disorder counseling, clinical supervision or prevention work offered by accredited colleges and universities, local or national professional substance use disorder association, or other professional mental health or medical health related organization.
  2. Local or national professional substance abuse counselor related associations.
  3. Accredited colleges and universities.

Continuing Education Requirements

Clinical Supervisor In Training – 4 hours in clinical supervision

Intermediate Clinical Supervisor – 4 hours in clinical supervision

Independent Clinical Supervisor – 4 hours in clinical supervision

Biennium from 3/1/odd – 2/28/odd year.