Commercial Plumbing Inspector

License Information

Per Wis. Admin. Code § 305.625, a person who holds a credential issued by the Department as a certified Commercial Plumbing Inspector may conduct plumbing inspections and plumbing plan reviews for the purpose of administering and enforcing Wis. Admin. Code ch. SPS 325.

A person who inspects plumbing as a certified Commercial Plumbing Inspector shall:

  • Maintain a record of the inspections made including the dates and the findings of the inspections;

  • Provide a copy of the inspection report to the property owner or his or her agent;

  • Make his or her inspection records available to the Department upon request.

Application for License

3149Application for Commercial Plumbing Inspector Certification
3073​Fax Payment Form

Reinstate a Commercial Plumbing Inspector Certification that has been Expired more than 4 Years

  1. Complete requirements for the method you are applying under (see Form #3149 for more information).
  2. Submit an application, supporting documentation and fee:
    • Application for Commercial Plumbing Inspector Certification (Form #3149)
    • See Form #3149 for total fee for the method you are applying under

Renewal Information


Renewal Method

Department of Safety and Professional Services

Trades Credentialing Unit
PO Box 78780
Milwaukee, WI  53293-0780


If you have questions regarding your renewal, please email

When mailing your renewal, please allow up to 21 calendar days [per Wis. Admin. Code SPS § 305.04 (1)] from the date your payment is processed to receive an update regarding your renewal.