Elevator Contractor

License Information

Per Wis. Admin. Code § 305.9905, no person or entity may engage in the business or offer to engage in the business of constructing, installing, altering, servicing, replacing or maintaining conveyances unless the person or entity holds a license issued by the Department as a licensed Elevator Contractor. A person, entity or business is not required to hold a license as a licensed Elevator Contractor to service or maintain existing conveyances within facilities or properties owned by the person, entity or business. A person who holds an Elevator Contractor license shall:

  • Be responsible for the contractor's work on conveyances with respect to compliance to Wis. Admin. Code ch. SPS 318;

  • Utilize the appropriately licensed or registered individuals to construct, install, alter, service, replace or maintain conveyances;

  • For any construction, installation, alteration, repair or replacement of a conveyance or conveyance component that requires a permit under Wis. Admin. Code § SPS 318.1007, a licensed Elevator Contractor may not commence the work until a permit is issued for the project;

  • Shall maintain their liability insurance as specified under Wis. Stats. § 101.985(1).

Application for License

3140Application for Elevator Contractor License
3073​Trades Payment Form

​​​Reinstate an Elevator Contractor License that has been Expired more than 2 Years

Submit an application, supporting documentation and fee:

  • Application for Elevator Contractor License (Form #3140)
  • $140.00 total fee ($15.00 application fee, $100.00 credential fee, and $25.00 late renewal fee)

Renewal Information


  • FEE (See Renewal Dates and Fees)
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance

Renewal Method

  • Mail Renewal Reminder/Application to: 

Department of Safety and Professional Services

Trades Credentialing Unit
PO Box 78780
Milwaukee, WI  53293-0780

If you have questions regarding your renewal, please email DSPSCredTrades@wisconsin.gov.

When mailing your renewal, please allow up to 21 calendar days [per Wis. Admin. Code SPS 305.04 (1)] from the date your payment is processed to receive an update regarding your renewal.