Professional Land Surveyor Exam Information

​The Wisconsin Jurisdictional Licensing Examination is an online, open book exam. You will be tested on the fundamentals of the practice of land surveying and the specifics of the profession relevant specifically to Wisconsin. The passing score is 70%.


The exam content is drawn from applicable state statutes and administrative code chapters specific to the profession. The purpose of the exam is to familiarize yourself with locating the statutes and administrative code that regulate the practice of the profession. Statutes for the State of Wisconsin and the Administrative Code book for the profession can be found in the sidebar on the right.

Wisconsin Jurisdictional Examination Content Outline  

The state exam consists of material taken from the following statutes and code chapters:

  • Chapter 59
  • Chapter 70
  • Chapter 82
  • Chapter 157
  • Chapter Trans 233
  • Chapter 236
  • Chapter 703
  • Chapter 706
  • Chapter 893
  • Chapter A-E 2
  • Chapter A-E 7
  • Chapter A-E 8
  • Chapter A-E 10

Onsrud, Harlan J. A Manual for Resurvey of Public Land Survey Corners and Sectionalized Subdivision Boundaries Within the State of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors.

“2009 Manual of Surveying Instructions”. (PLSS)


  1. Go to
  2. Select "Test Launching."
  3. Your instructor is “dft.”
  4. You will receive the exam name and password on your application checklist when approved.
  5. If you are unable to access the exam, try again later or refresh your web browser.
  6. Do not click “Done” until you are ready to submit the exam. If you accidentally click done before you are ready to submit your exam, just go back in and start again. Your first score will be deleted.
  7. Be sure to print out a copy of your score report and retain it for your own records.


If you fail the exam, you must retake the exam by downloading the Request to Reta​ke St​atutes and Rules or Ethics Examination (Form 2699)​ and submitting it along with a $75.00 retake fee to the Department. You will then be assigned another test.


Additional technical or exam content-related questions can be directed to

Fundamentals and Principles & Practice Exam

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NCEES is responsible for all administrative aspects of the examination process, including any refund/cancelation inquiries. Please contact NCEES for further information.

Professional Engineer and Professional Land Surveyor Licensure Information Sheet