Registered Sanitarian Exam Information

NEHA REHS/RS Examination

The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) computer-based REHS/RS Examination is accepted for Wisconsin registration.

This examination covers all domains under the broad umbrella of environmental health and require extensive review and study.


The computer-based test is available by appointment at the following locations:

  • Wisconsin
    • Wisconsin Rapids
    • Wausau
    • Oshkosh
    • Madison
    • Kenosha
  • Other States
    • Waukegan, Illinois
    • Wheeling, Illinois
    • Dubuque, Iowa
    • Other locations may become available

Check the RESH/RS Examination site for test center locations. Locations in any state can be used.

Study Guides

Please visit the NEHA site for study guide ordering information.


Once eligible to take the RESH/RS Examination, applicants will receive an eligibility letter from DSPS. Applicants will then need to apply directly to NEHA with the NEHA application, fees, and a copy of the DSPS eligibility letter.